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7 Habits that Destroy your Digestive System

Digestive health is important for you without any exception. Anyone who has suffered from digestive health problems can understand how important it is to have a functional digestive system. 

Many of us are born with a properly working digestive system but many things later in life can take a toll on our digestive health. Digestive health problems can be many and people can suffer from these. The problems can go longer than you expect them to go. From poor digestive health to conditions like IBS can occur anytime and can affect your overall health.

Some people can have these problems from an early age or can develop these later. I remember my sister developed a stomach ulcer due to poor eating habits. Later she went to the best stomach specialist in Islamabad and was treated. But it was all her habits that cost her the pain in the long run. 

Everyday Habits that Destroy your Digestive Health

Considering this situation, I think every one must be aware of the habits that can destroy your digestive health. Here are some of the stomach destroying habits that you need to be aware of:

1- Consuming too much food

Some people consider themselves foodies and think that this gives them a reason to eat everything. Just because you love the food this doesn’t mean that you can eat anything accessible to you. When you consume too much food it certainly adds burden to your stomach functioning. Your stomach can process only a limited amount of food at one time. So, always be mindful of the food you consume daily as well as keep an eye on what you are eating to prevent damage to your digestive health. 

2- Self-medication

Though it might seem harmless to you, consuming too much medication is bad for you. The medicine you intake without a doctor’s prescription can leave several side effects on your health. Not only it destroys your digestive health but can be associated with many other things. So, make sure you don’t self-medicate yourself and whenever in need of a medication consult your physician onto this. This will certainly help you to enjoy optimal health.

4- Eating fast

Not only eating the right food is important but you need to work on your eating pace. Whenever you are eating too fast, you make it difficult for your stomach to process food this fast. So, whenever you are about to eat make sure to eat slowly. Slow eating will keep your metabolism regulated and help your body with the digestion of food. Further, this mindful eating will keep your calories in check and won’t gain weight. 

5- Chewing gum

Another thing that can affect your digestive health is your habit of chewing gum. When you chew gum it makes you take in more air. The more air inside your body will leave you belated. So, bloating can also affect your digestive potential. So, if you are habitual of chewing gum then this might be one possible reason that you are experiencing digestive health issues. 

6- Too much acidic drinks 

When you are consuming too many acidic liquids you are more likely to suffer from digestive health problems. These fizzy drinks can produce gas in your stomach that can affect your body’s ability to digest foods properly. Other than these drinks, too much alcohol is also bad for your overall health and you need to be considerate about the consequences it has on your health.

7- Dehydration

We already know how important it is to stay properly hydrated to stay healthy. When you intake sufficient water all your systems remain in check and you are less likely to experience digestive health problems. Not intaking enough water can leave you constipated and this is ultimately dangerous for you. So make sure you are consuming enough water and keep your digestive health in check. 

Bottom Line!

A properly functioning digestive system is good for you and this impacts your overall health. Thus, everyone needs to be considerate about overall health. Make sure you follow the right practices and protect your digestive health. Further, in case of any digestive health problem, it is recommended to immediately contact your physician for the right advice.