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Accident car crash with bicycle on road

9 Things You Should Know About a Free Bicycle Accident Lawyer Consultation

Personal injury due to a Bicycle Accident requires professional help, especially in terms of insurance claims and other benefits. There might be many instances that you would want to consult an attorney for a bicycle accident and do a lot of research in finding one. Finally, you consult an attorney and seek clarification on the accident and intended benefits. However, you must be well prepared before getting in touch with the lawyer. This article will give you detailed information on the particulars required before you consult an accident lawyer. 

Top 9 Things You Must Know About a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Statute of Limitations

Before consulting a lawyer, it is better to know the limitations of your state and the insurance company about the deadline within which you can file the compensation. Though the initial report is to be submitted within a 30 day period, the claim can be filed later as well. You might want it to be done the same way for many reasons. But, knowing the statute of limitations will give greater clarity while consulting a lawyer. It is also suggested to connect with a lawyer within a year of the accident.

Know Your Lawyer

It is a significant factor that you must consider before talking to the lawyer. Get to know your lawyer well. The track record of the lawyer helps you get your benefits soon and in the best possible way. Read through the Google reviews, visit online websites to know about the lawyer, and then take a call. 

Carry These Documents

As you meet the lawyer, you are supposed to give a clear picture of the accident. It is better if you carry the following with you so that the lawyer can analyze while you discuss. 

Injury and Accident Photographs

Reports of the Accident

Investigation Notes From the Police

Tickets or any Citations

Contact Information of the Witnesses

Statements of the Witnesses

Self Notes about the Accident

Notes from the Doctors

X-Ray and MRI result reports

Health or Automobile insurance cards

Other driver’s information, as much as you can

Self Notes

It is of prime importance as this report is required by various agencies and you need not write the same whenever you are asked for it. This report must be in detail about the accident. When, where, why, and how of the accident must be furnished. Also, the information about the witness and any other citations are required to be mentioned in the report. That means to say, the self-notes must contain all the relevant information pertaining to the accident. 

 Explain the Incident in Detail

As you consult a lawyer, it is always suggested to give a detailed account of the accident. Though you have furnished the same in your self notes, it is expected of you to explain in detail about the incident. Moreover, the lawyer might ask several questions to probe more on the accident. Remember every information and inform the lawyer about the same.           

Be prepared with the Questions.

You may have your doubts to be clarified as well. Come prepared with your questions. It may include the following

Medical Treatments and its payment terms

The process duration

Any other evidence that you can gather after the discussion

Things to avoid after an accident

The time left for you to file the case

Case Viability

One must understand that not all cases are required to be filed a lawsuit. Your lawyer, after a thorough discussion, will give you the viability of the case. In general, you will be notified if the case is worth a lawsuit or not. You may also be informed to meet another lawyer as well. Get to know the details and note them down for future actions.

Fees and Documents Signed

Once the lawyer accepts to handle the case for you, discuss the fees and the mode of payment too. In such cases of compensation, the fee is paid with the amount that they help you get through the compensation. Once the funds are recovered, a percentage of money has to be paid to the lawyer. Get to know the percentage and negotiate if needed. 

Wait and Get Updated for Future Actions

Once the documents are signed, and the case begins, the lawyer shall notify the insurance company. The company may come for negotiation, and you may settle for the claim too. If the settlement is not acceptable or not satisfactory, then go for a lawsuit.