A Quick Guide to Car Accident Claim in Grand Junction

Car Accident

Involving in a car accident can put you under unwanted circumstances. The victims and their family members have to bear various financial pressure due to someone else’s negligence. Even though the law allows you to file a car accident claim, getting fair compensation from the insurance company is a challenging task. Therefore, if you or someone you know is involv in a car accident, the first thing you must do is speak to a car accident lawyer before filing a claim. 

A lawyer work in your favor to bring the best outcome that falls in your favor rather than getting tricked by the insurance company and settling for less. 

When can you file a car accident claim?

Victims are eligible to file a car accident claim if the accident occurred due to the other party’s negligence. Additionally, you can file a claim if you sustained injuries and damages due to the accident. 

What is the statute of limitation for filing a car accident claim?

You can file a car accident claim against the defendant two years from the accident day. Remember, you do not receive financial compensation overnight. So, it is advisable to start the process as soon as you recover fully because the process can be time-consuming. Additionally, once the statute of limitation is clear, you will no longer be eligible to file a claim. 

What evidence do I need to provide the insurance company after the accident?

To get successful compensation, you must provide the insurance company with evidence of negligence against the at-fault party. Some of the evidence that will come in handy to support your claim include: 

  1. Pictures and videos from the accident scene. 
  2. Pictures of your injuries. 
  3. Photos of property damage (car). 
  4. Witness testimony. 
  5. A doctor’s report determines the severity and cause of your injuries. 
  6. Loss of income due to the accident. 
  7. Police report following the accident. 

On your visit to your doctor, make sure you ask the following questions. 

  • What are the injuries I have incurred due to my accident?

Although it may seem like an obvious question, you should always ask about the severity of your injuries. If you are not showing any symptoms right after your accident, your doctor will schedule a follow-up appointment to monitor your health and see if you have developed any condition. 

  • How will my injuries affect me?

Physical injuries affect your life in various aspects. For instance, if you have bone fractures, you may not be able to perform your day-to-day activities or go to work. Therefore, ask your doctor about how your injuries will affect your life and the things which is in restriction. This will allow you to understand your injuries better and take preventive measures for a faster recovery. 

  • When can I resume work?

As mentioned above that, you may are not allowed to work for a while until you recover. It is essential to speak to a doctor and take their advice. Remember, do not resume work without consulting your doctor. Additionally, take a written note from your doctor about when you should continue work so that it will help you when you are filing a car accident claim. 

  • Can you provide me with copies of my medical records?

When you are filing a car accident claim in Grand Junction, you need adequate legal documents by your doctor or healthcare professionals about your injuries, medical bills, and other documents that will prove your injuries. These documents will ensure you have all the evidence to prove your physical injuries and medical costs. 

How much compensation should I expect from my car accident claim?

Each car accident case is different, and so is the compensation amount. There is no fixed amount that victims can expect. The amount you receive from compensation depends on the injuries and losses you have incurred. Usually, victims can expect financial compensation for their injuries, rehabilitation costs, mental pain and suffering, loss of income, property damages, and other losses due to the accident. 

Remember, the insurance company will go beyond their ways to prove your injuries did not occur from the accident. Therefore, it is essential to be prepare and speak to your doctor properly about your injuries, recovery, cost, and other details. 

Should I speak to a lawyer?

Following the accident, you should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer can review your case and help you understand all the legal options. If you are at partial fault, the lawyer will also help you know how you can proceed ahead.