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Best ways to get cheap flights to USA from India

Taking a 15-hour long flight is not the only worry you face while planning a trip to the US. There a lot else like the extra expenses, taxes, airfares and what not. 

Most people just postpone or cancel their trips when they see the total that this trip is going to cost. But if you are a travel enthusiast, then visiting the US must be on your radar. And you can’t every time cancel or postpone your trip every. And the last option you are left with is planning a budget-friendly trip.

While planning a budget-friendly travel one thing you will require is cheap air tickets. Taking Non Stop flights from USA to India at cheap rates is itself a task. And I am here to help you with the same.

Let’s know the best ways to get cheap flights to USA from India-

Book in advance

Instead of booking tickets hours before flying, book them at least a month before your flying date. Airlines use complicated algorithms to decide airfares. And demand is a big part of them. We have seen many people booking on the time tickets and how the demand increases as the flying date come nearby. 

Also, the VISA process to travel to the US takes up to 30 days and you can’t enter the country without it. So booking at least 30 days prior will help you a lot.

Be flexible with dates

The airfares costs are high on festive days like Christmas and the new year. So being flexible with the date will allow you to book some budget-friendly plane tickets. 

Being flexible in both dates and times on your booking will help you save a good chunk of money. But if because of any reason if you can’t, be flexible in one option at least.

Be active on social media handles

Follow different airline pages on social media platforms. And check these pages regularly. Most airlines announce offers and deals on these pages to attract engagement on their pages. Keeping a regular check will help you take the benefit of the deal within time. 

Some airlines host different giveaways and contests on their pages. Many people take part in these activities. Try to be a part of some of them and try to win free rewards or discount coupons for your next travel. 

Consider booking with Travel Agents

Exploring your options is the best thing to do while booking an international trip. Travel Agents often get discounts that a normal person doesn’t. It is because of their expertise in the field. All you have to do is communicate to a travel agent and ask him to get you some budget-friendly deals. 

Sometimes they get you great deals on which even after providing them their commission you will save a good amount. 

Pro Tip- When the travel agents ask for your budget, always tell a less than your actual budget. This trick works great in the Indian traveling market.

Book from 3rd part website 

Booking flight tickets like direct flights to India from the USA, book from 3rd party websites instead of official airline ones can help you save some money. This happens because many 3rd parties provide extra deals and discounts to attract people to book from them. 

For this keep a regular check on these websites and as soon as you encounter a great deal, book your tickets.

Travel on weekdays

Traveling on weekdays is cheaper than traveling on weekends. The high demand on weekends is the main reason behind this surge in prices. So, instead of flying on weekends, try to fly on weekdays. You can find the best deals on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Use budgeted airlines

International flights charge higher airfare rates and budgeted airlines are an affordable answer to it. In past budgeted airlines used to travel short distances only. But now they have started covering significant distances. These airlines provide the best flight experience without going harsh on your pockets.

Search in the incognito mode

 If you are a frequent traveler, you must have noticed that the prices of frequently searched products and services through aggregator websites start rising within hours. The cookies in your browser are responsible for this. These cookies keep the data of all of your activities online. 

While some people claim this doesn’t work. But if you are serious about booking cheap air tickets, then not trying it will be too harsh. So keep your device on incognito mode while searching for and booking the flight tickets.

Don’t book direct

Booking a direct flight costs more than the nonstop ones. Although they save you some time. If you are someone for whom time is money, then you should fly direct only. But if you are someone who has extra time in his pocket, go for nonstop flights.

For traveling bugs, connecting flights are the best and most affordable option. You can use budgeted airlines for this purpose. These airlines charge less than international ones. Also, many budgeted airlines have started covering significant distances recently. You will also see a few more places between the USA and India.

Mix and match the airlines

While using connecting flights, always mix and match the airlines. Try using budgeted airlines as much as you can. Take help from google maps to choose multiple stops between your journey.

You can also compare the prices charged by different airlines to cover the same distance. Many online applications, websites, and software provide this service. Check the list individually for each stop and book the most economic option.

 Avoid booking round trips

While booking flights book only one-way flights instead of 2 ways. As the round trip flights will cost you more. This is because all airlines have different rates for traveling to India and for traveling from India. The airline that you booked may cost less to fly from India but there is a high possibility of it charging more for flying to India.

Land at a low-cost airport

Some airports are cheaper than others to fly or land on. Search for these airports and, if possible, book flights flying or arriving at them.