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Billie Eilish’s 5 Best (and Worst) Songs

A new chapter in Billie Eilish’s illustrious music career is about, to begin with, the publication of her latest album, Happier Than Ever, which will be released on July 30. The multi-award-winning Grammy musician ditched her black and green roots in favor of a platinum blonde a la ’50s glam and a sound that complements her new appearance.

Never fear: The characteristic whispers of the mournful crooner are still there to be heard. From what we’ve heard of the singles so far (we’re looking at you, “Lost Cause”), the new album will continue to emphasize the star’s distinctive vocals while showing them in a new light for this new era.

In order to properly acknowledge the power Eilish possesses alongside her songwriting collaborator, producer, and older brother, Finneas O’Connell, it is necessary to state the following: Over the course of a few years, the duo has elevated ethereal moods and pop-infused songs to the top of the charts. They are responsible for allowing Billie’s raw talent to show among her fellow musicians, as well as for the fact that so many of her “greatest” songs have been streamed millions of times throughout the world.

Even the best artists, though, are not without their defects. Even as a die-hard Billie fan, it’s difficult for me to concede that the California native has any songs that can be categorized as “worst.” Her contribution to the music industry, in my completely prejudiced opinion, is one that will be remembered for a long time to come. Few songs are a little tough to fall in love with—and one, in particular, that has continued to elicit criticism even after its debut more than a decade earlier.


5. “Bad Guy”

The song “Copycat” deserves to be recognized as the song that paved the way for this song’s inevitable success. But there’s no disputing the stranglehold that “Bad Guy” has on the music business as a whole. Besides spending 49 weeks on the Billboard charts. It also happens to be Eilish’s lone number one hit in her career. This song’s deep bass and overall weirdness will forever alter our perceptions of pop music and its innovation. That artists are capable of when they step outside of the box.

4. “Lovely.”

“Lovely” (with Khalid) is a melancholy ballad with chilling harmonies and a meaningful message about mental health. That may be controversial as one of the best Billie songs. ’13 Reasons Why’ featured the song on its soundtrack. And it’s proving to be the powerful duet we’ve all been waiting for.

3. “I Love You”

Despite the fact that it’s a huge hit, “I Love You” isn’t as big as songs like “Bad Guy” or “Everything I Ever Wanted.” It’s on the same emotional level as “Listen Before I Go,” which is why it’s so moving. Any Billie Joe fan would agree that this is a classic song. And it’s the ballad that brought Eilish to tears during her 2019 New York show.

2. “Bellyache.”

You know what? It was hard for me to choose between “Your Power,” when the party’s over, and “Bellyache” for this list’s second-best song. In the end, it was Eilish’s 2017 track that came out on top. The strength that “Bellyache” possesses—the appealing words, despite their violence and the utterly unexpected change in tempo has a hold that won’t let go. Four years later, it’s still a popular sound on TikTok, proving the song’s indestructible “Bestness.”

1. “Ocean Eyes”

Did you really believe that our list of the finest Eilish songs would be complete without including the song that made her a household name? Her self-titled debut single from 2016 is still one of her greatest. The music, lyrics, and production are all excellent. This song has all you could possibly want in a swooning love song and then some.


5. “Hostage”

Even Eilish’s “worst” song is still good. Her vocals are haunting. And the song is intense and passionate, and that’s never been truer than with “Hostage,” her debut single. However, when compared to the rest of Eilish’s discography, this one falls short.

4. “Bitches Broken Heart”

While “Bitches Broken Hearts” is a great track, it doesn’t hold a candle to Eilish’s slew of other great breakup songs. Even though the music is beautiful and sensuous, with lyrics that capture the agony so well. It ultimately lacks the fervor of songs like “Listen Before I Go” or “Watch.”

3. “Goodbye”

Let me tell you something. As much as it hurts me to put this song at the bottom of the list, “Goodbye” isn’t particularly memorable on its own. And it wasn’t supposed to be—this tune completes Billie’s record in the way she insisted on having it. Even though it’s one of the best songs on the album, it lacks the heft to make as much of an effect on its own as some of Eilish’s other songs.

2. “When I Was Older”

When I Was Older is Eilish’s attempt into autotune inspired by the 2018 film Roma. While trying new things isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This song has a unique sound and vibe thanks to Eilish and her brother’s heavy use of sound syncing. This song I can’t seem to skip, which is a shame. Please don’t come after me, I’m sorry.

1. “Wish You Were Gay”

In the same way that Katy Perry’s “Ur So Gay” sparked outrage among the LGBT+ community. Eilish’s 2019 single “Wish You Were Gay” attracted similar criticism. Initially, the song’s marketing was criticized as queer baiting by fans hoping it would be Eilish’s coming-out song. Some people think it’s “cringe-y” to utilize homosexuality in a provocative way. Eilish feels the song has been misread and has contributed a percentage of the revenues to The Trevor Project. But the feelings of a marginalised community cannot be invalidated, thereby ranking this song as worst.