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A macro photograph fibers of the mineral chrysotile asbestos taken from the host rock with tweezers.

Choose the Best Asbestos Consultant for Expert Services

Starting up a demolition or refurbishment project? Well, you might want to avail the services of an expert asbestos consultant. Also, for severe asbestos contaminated sites, asbestos consultancy can help you efficiently.

As easy as it may sound to hire the best asbestos consultant, the search for a consultancy service is a bit more difficult. Hiring the first consultant that your search result pops up may not be a wise approach.

Since hiring an inexperienced consultancy agency can create more issues than you can imagine. You may suffer great losses and even end up in legal issues for not complying with the health and safety protocols.

Asbestos – What is it? Why must you care about it?

In several construction materials and building components, there is the presence of one common substance which is known as Asbestos. It is a fibrous ingredient that is found abundantly in different building manufacturing materials such as tiles, flooring, etc.

Asbestos is a highly sensitive substance that can be released even with the slightest trigger to it. The released asbestos fibres are toxic and affect human health severely. Since these fibres are extremely small particles, they contaminate the environment pretty rapidly.

Exposure to asbestos contaminated sites for prolonged periods can be the cause of chronic illnesses such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and even lung cancer. Hence, it is extremely crucial to establish the fact that a particular construction site is free from asbestos for the safety of the people occupying and visiting the premises.

With the help of asbestos consultant services, you can verify the presence of asbestos on site and even construct an effective plan to extract asbestos out of the site. So, that the site is deemed to be safe for use.

Availability of the services of an asbestos consultant is all the more important if you are initiating a refurbishment or demolition project on a site.

The Role of an Asbestos Consultant

Ensuring safety on premises is a priority for any builder and this is why hiring the best asbestos consultant is also a priority. A trained, certified and experienced asbestos consultant offers you a plethora of vital services that would ensure that the site is free from asbestos contamination and safe for use.

The following are the key roles that an asbestos consultant carry out –

–        Survey to learn about the presence of asbestos on site.

–        Laboratory test and analysis to get evaluation data.

–        Efficient planning and strategy for asbestos abatement from the site.

–        Specifications and project drawings for an asbestos removal project.

–        Management of the overall asbestos removal project.

–        Maintenance and smooth functioning of asbestos removal planning.

–        Developing asbestos training and awareness programs for occupants and employees.

In certain cases, a separate asbestos removing contractor is hired to carry out the abatement work on site. The asbestos consultant in such situations, works along with the contractor and guides that the project is carried out successfully.

The consultancy agency makes sure that the plan is in compliance with the authority standards and protocols. The consultant may even help you to choose the right contractor for the asbestos removal task on site.

How to Choose the Right Asbestos Consultant service?

In order to choose the right asbestos consultant services, keep in mind that the following criteria –

–        Ample years of experience is essential. Hire a consultant that has at least 20 years of experience in the field.

–        Experience in diverse areas is important. From conducting surveys to designing abatement plans, the asbestos consultancy carries out a lot of responsibility. Hence, it is vital to hire services that have a wide area of experience.

–        Can offer you a proven record of satisfied clients. An asbestos consultant must be able to provide you with a sample of their previous work and how the customers responded to the services offered to them.

–        Choose an asbestos consultancy service that can offer their valuable services no matter the location. A nationwide footprint of the consultancy agency can be easy for you to avail services.

If all of these listed criteria are met then be assured that the asbestos consultant you’ve chosen is one of the best service providers that can benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.