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custom rigid boxes

It was my husband’s birthday and the custom rigid boxes dazzled me displayed in front of me on the shelves. I firmly believe that fragrance is an invisible element that augments the personal style of individuals. It affects how people remember you. Today’s perfumes not only smell wonderful but look equally attractive at the same time. On every birthday I buy perfumes for my husband.  As I sifted through the vial samples on the counter, the custom perfume boxes, their branding, and their overall appearances mesmerized me. I wondered if the men who were buying these beautiful custom rigid boxes knew that how they smell matters a lot to the women. In fact, it matters so much that ‘fragrances’ is the element that makes a woman accept or reject a man.

I loved the beautiful custom rigid boxes that packaged perfumes. The boxes were a sight to behold in their premium printing and one-of-a-kind finishes and add-ons. Men and women love to wear perfumes may be because it is one hundred and fifty thousand times more sensitive to our vision. Speaking which, did you know that we humans can detect over one trillion odors? I wondered how many customers evaluating the custom packaging to judge the brand’s worth and their respective perfumes knew that the perfume; they select will play an important role in triggering memories in their olfactory bulb. Someone pleasantly surprised me at the number of men buying perfumes for themselves and checking out the different custom perfume boxes. After all, an impressive fragrance adds to the overall impression of a man. If you are a man and want to SMELL confident, wear a cologne.

Custom Retail Packaging

Custom perfume packaging is not the only one that can be designed in custom rigid boxes. It also used them in customized jewelry packaging. These custom boxes are also chocolate boxes and premium cupcake boxes. It manufactured these boxes after understanding the product specification and company’s requirements.

Since I was in the mall, I checked out some latest designs in office jewelry. I entered the shop of my favorite brand and was delighted with the re-launch of their products. My sister was going gaga over their jewelry items, but I did not get time from my hectic to check them out. The re-branding was done, beautifully. It all their custom jewelry boxes-designed as well and bore the same signature theme of the brand. I knew I would easily recognize their custom jewelry packaging even if I saw them elsewhere. Right here was an example of powerful branding. I sifted through the variety of tennis bracelets there was one I particularly like. It was a delicate item that I could wear to work easily.

Packaging for Jewelry

As the sales rep took it out from its custom jewelry packaging, I was amazed to see that proper inserts were placed in this small custom box on which the bracelet rested. They layered the inside lining of these custom jewelry boxes with velvet, which gave them a premium finish. The flaps of this came together to seal any gaps and interlocked to provide safety. I knew I could use this packaging box to store my bracelet in between its use. I could easily keep them in these boxes while working out, which would save me from rummaging through my handbag searching for it every time I take it off. Loved the way my favorite brand has considered all these points we re-designing their packaging for jewelry items. A very few companies are as responsive towards the needs of their customers. 

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