Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai desert safari

Desert safaris in Dubai are becoming extremely popular. Many adventurous types love the challenge and adventure of visiting the hottest destinations on earth while saving money at the same time. Dubai offers an array of activities to participate in, from shopping to beaches, and there is no shortage of things to do in the desert. Dubai literally has something for everyone. In this article, I will discuss some of the best tours that are available right now on the market.

Popular tours

The best tours vary in length, from a few days to weeks. The more popular tours tend to last longer Dubai desert safari. The longest desert safari you can take is a seven-day trip through the Red Sea. You will be taken to places like the Sharm el Sheikh area, which is full of modern resorts and hotels. There are many walking and driving tours that you can take, including ones that cover all of the major destinations in the region.

A shorter desert safari might include a four-day itinerary through the Sinai desert. This tour typically includes stops in the Egyptian towns of Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada, as well as visits to Luxor, the ancient Egyptian city. Other destinations on the short desert safari might include Aswan, or even further east, Egypt. A four-day safari in the Sinai will allow you to explore Sharm el Sheikh and its surroundings. You will end your trip in Egypt, making this one of the most popular tours.

Desert safari packages

One of the more popular desert safari packages available today is one that takes nine days or longer. This tour involves traveling to places like Abu Dhabi and Jumeirah, the two main tourist centers in the United Arab Emirates. After that, you travel through the Sinai desert, stopping in various locations along the way. Some of the more popular stops on this tour include Dharamshala, the capital of Rajasthan, and Ajmal, a small town on the India-Egypt border. The longer tour also includes stops in places like negotiable hills of the Hindu religion in Jodhpur, a town rich in history, and the ancient city of Alexandria, on the tip of India’s east coast.

One of the many benefits of a longer safari in the desert is that it gives you more time to appreciate all the different things that the area has to offer. One of these is the desert’s diversity, including everything from sand dunes to forests and even villages. In between each of these stopovers are tribal communities, fishing villages, and the ruins of ancient cities. Many tourists fall in love with the Desert Safari, especially because of the variety of scenery and wildlife they are exposed to.

Indian Ocean beach

This tour also allows you to visit more than one area. For example, you can combine a visit to the Indian Ocean beach with a safari to the Indian plateau. Or, you can even combine the two into a tour of the northern portion of the Indian subcontinent, which includes places like Rajasthan and Delhi, along with other parts like Kerala and Assam. This kind of multi-destination tour makes for an exciting vacation that you will want to repeat.

If the Desert Safari is just not enough of a reason to spend time in Dubai, perhaps it is the breathtaking view of the Arabian Desert from inside the hotel you’re staying in. The architecture of the hotel, like the rest of the structure of the hotel, is quite distinctive, and it makes you feel like you’ve really been to another world. And with a variety of restaurants serving from all over the world, there’s bound to be something to please everyone.

Another thing you can do while on a desert safari in Dubai is goes shopping. There are numerous shopping malls in Dubai, as well as traditional songs, all offering a variety of local and foreign wares. Of course, you’ll have to bring your camera. Some of the most popular items tourists purchase while enjoying a desert safari in Dubai include camels, jewelry, spices, perfume, handicrafts, and art and craft products.