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Encanto Dolores Madrigal Family by Philip Adassa

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Dolores Madrigal has a special gift: she can hear sounds in her head. In this article, we’ll learn more about Her super-hearing, her relationship with her brother, Mariano Guzman, and her vision. In addition, we’ll learn about her feelings for Mariano, and her vision.

Dolores madrigal’s super-hearing

Dolores Madrigal is a woman who has super-hearing. This power enables her to hear everything, from pin drops to twitching eyelids. She also has the ability to hear things from great distances. However, this ability makes her sensitive to loud noises and makes her fearful of them.

Dolores Madrigal is the daughter of Felix and Pepa Madrigal. She is smart and helpful. She is the one who knows the most about everyone’s business. However, despite her super-hearing, Dolores has a rather quiet personality. She prefers not to make more noise than she has to, so she is not a troublemaker. She also gets nervous when she hears something embarrassing.

Dolores is the quietest of the Madrigal family and doesn’t talk much. She has curly dark brown hair tied in a bun and light brown skin with hazel eyes. She wears a long red skirt and a frilly white and yellow top with a golden sound wave motif. Her hair is decorated with red bows.

Her relationship with her brother

In Disney’s Encanto, Dolores Madrigal is a young girl with exceptional hearing. She has a special relationship with her brother Mariano, and she adores him. In fact, she even confesses her love for Mariano. Her brother Camilo is much like her, but he is quiet and reserved.

Camilo is also a theater kid.

Dolores’s relationship with her brother is one of the most interesting aspects of the book. It shows how close she is to her family. She is devoted to them and seems to have a protective streak, especially when it comes to her younger siblings. While she is not easily influenced by her younger brother Camilo’s antics, she doesn’t seem to mind, and she instinctively puts an arm around Camilo when Casita begins to crumble. She also obeys Alma and tries to make sure that her brother is taken care of.

Dolores’ relationship with her brother is complicated by the fact that he is not her original brother. He married into the Madrigals’ family, and they were successful. Their marriage was happy, and they have a son, Mirabel.

Her feelings for Mariano Guzman

The first time we meet Mariano, he’s in the midst of rebuilding the Madrigal home. Dolores is in love with him, but he can’t tell her because of their betrothal. But he doesn’t give up on her easily. He begins to write letters to her and is eventually able to win her heart.

Dolores’s hearing is heightened. She can hear pin-drops and eye twitches. Her hearing is also excellent over long distances. When Mariano’s family came over for dinner one night, Dolores immediately reported that she heard them. Despite her enhanced hearing, Dolores doesn’t do well in loud environments.

Mariano isn’t very extroverted, but when he is around Dolores, he’s a lot more affectionate. His love for Dolores is so deep that he has trouble hiding it.

Her vision

When she was five, Dolores Madrigal received a vision from her uncle. In the vision, Dolores saw Bruno engaged to someone else. She was terrified that the man of her dreams would be out of reach. After she received the vision, Dolores told her brother, Bruno, during dinner. This led to gossip throughout the family. Dolores also sometimes enjoys making jokes and sarcastic remarks.

Dolores then reveals the secret to Isabela and Mariano. She also reveals the secret to Augustin. She knows that Mirabel and Isabela are going to be a wedge between the couples and tear them apart.

Her breakdowns

Dolores Madrigal’s characterization is based on the fact that she is a deeply sensitive ISFP. She is quiet and incredibly attentive. She also tends to be gossipy. Dolores strives to do what is best for others but maintains her own individuality within a group. This is why she keeps Bruno’s secret from him, out of respect and empathy.

Dolores is the eldest and only daughter of Felix and Pepa Madrigal. She was born with a powerful hearing power that allows her to hear the sound of the world. Her ability to hear is a gift she inherited from her father, Felix. Her family is a tight-knit one, and Dolores is a natural healer.

Dolores Madrigal by Philip Adassa

Philip invited Adassa to join him in his costuming project and asked her to attend the Tidewater Comic Con in May 2022 as Dolores Madrigal. After Adassa agreed, Philip worked with her to create a custom Dolores Madrigal costume. The costume features taupe-colored cotton knit fabric with attached ruffles. Philip designed the custom lace in Illustrator, recreating audio wavelength symbols in vector illustration. He then cut the custom lace using gold heat transfer vinyl.


Encanto reaffirms the importance of family in Latinx culture. The film depicts the family as everything. Although Dolores’ powers are her gift, it is also her burden. The creators of Encanto carefully consider the consequences of this gift. They also include details that add to the character’s complexity.

Unlike most other Disney movies, Encanto has no clear-cut antagonist, and fans often speculate as to who the real villain is. While Dolores herself is never revealed to be a villain, she does have a role in the plot and is a significant character in the film.

When Mirabel and Bruno return, Dolores is surprised but not outraged by their return. Dolores nudges Camilo’s arm when she sees him.

As the two families reunite, the town rallies around Dolores.

Dolores’ younger brother Camilo appears side-by-side with Dolores throughout the film. It is clear that they have a good relationship. Their relationship is not adversarial and they do not fight when Antonio receives his gift. In fact, they appear together in one scene, when Felix catches her.

If you love Encanto, this costume is a great choice. It features a stunning reproduction of Dolores’ character. It is made of a taupe-colored cotton knit fabric with attached ruffles. Philip also designed a custom lace in Illustrator to match the audio wavelength symbols.

The movie also features Bruno Madrigal as Dolores’ uncle. While Bruno was not present at the collapse of the house, Dolores had known about his presence. She never told anyone, because she felt bad for him. As a result, she shields Mirabel from seeing him.

Dolores’ relationship with her younger cousin, Isabela, is complex. Though they are similar in appearance and age, the two do not have any jealousy or hatred between them. It is also clear that Dolores has respect for her older cousin. This relationship is complicated, but Dolores does not seem to dislike Isabela simply because of Mariano.

Dolores’ uncle Bruno

Dolores’ uncle Bruno once told her that the man of her dreams was out of her reach. While she believes Mariano is the perfect man, she realizes that he is already engaged to someone else. She learns the truth and falls in love with him. She then joins the rest of the family in chanting “La Familia Madrigal” (The Family Madrigal).

The Madrigals work together to save Mariano. But they have a secret: they don’t talk about Mirabel. Her sister is missing. Her father’s death is the only way she can remember her mother. Mirabel also has a secret: her father had killed her father. She doesn’t like this secret. She wants her family back. In this way, she and her sister, Milagro, learn to understand each other’s secrets.
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The family is close. Dolores is protective of her siblings. Even comforts Alma when she’s in trouble. Also takes care of her grandmother when she falls. Its sits on the debris and comforts her. Tries to please her grandmother while only sharing the information she wants. The truth is, Alma was probably angry at Dolores for revealing her secret.