High Gloss Laminates – Where to Use and Where Not to

The world around us is fast changing so are the ways we live. With that being an undeniable fact, homes today are getting more stylish and luxurious to foster a healthy and effortless lifestyle. They have gone beyond the basics with the addition and applications of glossy laminates, one of the most versatile, aesthetic, and pocket-friendly surfacing solutions for trendy home designs.

High-gloss laminates are a befitting substitute to everything you consider suitable for surfacing your kitchens, wardrobes, walls, etc. For being economical, these sheets have taken over the need for costly surfacing materials, such as wood, veneers, stones, and so much more, when remodelling home interiors. Also, there are many more reasons why glossy, designer laminates are taking the market by storm. A few on the list are long-lasting shine and smooth finish. Easy installation, no maintenance, and trendy appeal are more attributes that make laminate sheets an ideal fit for contemporary home decor. But if you do not know where to and where not to use high-gloss laminates, your effort and investment are likely to go in vain, not giving you the feel and style you want. Even if you choose the best laminate brand in India, moving ahead will require you to have an insight into the applications of glossy laminates. Here we go without further ado.

Places where high-gloss laminates should find applications

The kitchen space

Your kitchen space has to be aesthetic enough to match the style and design of your home. If not, home decoration is half-done. It is where you have no restriction of colours and design choices. When choosing laminates for the kitchen, we need to make sure they are easy to clean and resistant to water, heat, and moisture. If you have no idea what type of laminate has the above characteristics, high-gloss laminates can be your go-to material for an elegant and glossy kitchen finish.

When applied in kitchens with the right degree of creativity in mind, these decorative laminate sheets bring in grace and hygiene. The glossy finish makes these sheets an ideal choice for surfacing areas where water use is plentiful. Whether you have a small kitchen or a large modular one, they add to the designer quotient and make living easier.

The wall panelling

The changing trends in home decoration entail designing walls exclusively. The new fad includes the applications of laminate wall panelling in homes. With the right blend of colours, designs, and patterns on walls, you can take the home decor to the next level and leave a lasting impression.

High-gloss laminates do not restrict you from fusing any feel into the interiors when designing your walls. The addition of laminates sheets in wall panels can make the ambiance more vibrant and stylish. And if you choose Royal Touche laminates over others, your walls will reflect inspiring effects.

Wardrobes and other articles of furniture

Doing up with walls and the kitchen alone is a waste of effort towards home decoration. Furniture and wardrobes also need equal attention to detail. You cannot move ahead in the project without considering them. Again, glossy laminates are the choicest material to do the job aesthetically.

Since they have a shiny finish and are resistant to termite, moisture, and heat, nothing other than them can be a better pick for your furniture. Adorning your home furniture with high-gloss designer laminates can be a wise move to evoke emotions when furnishing your home.

Where not to use high-gloss laminates?


The flooring incurs heavy foot traffic, whether at home or office. You would not want to surface it with a material that can be slippery. As glossy laminates have shiny, smooth surfaces, try not to install them on flooring. It can cause abrupt events of slips and falls. For flooring, we have better options than high-gloss laminates available in the market.

The office space

Do not ever try to use glossy laminate in a space that needs soothing and formal appeal. Since offices are where sharp, fast, and fancy colours do not work well, high-gloss laminates should be avoidable here. They are ideal for a bold, vibrant, and glamorous feel. The bedroom, dining room, drawing room, and kitchen are the place for them instead. For office décor, opt for matt finish, wood finish, and digital laminates. Irrespective of which set of colours and patterns soothe your vision, make sure you pick the best laminate brand in India for a better pick as per the application.

Exterior design

The outdoor space has too much exposure to sunlight, wind, and changing weather conditions. A glossy finish here is likely to get faded soon with continued exposure. With that being a fact, using high-gloss, decorative laminate does not sound to be a wise idea. Try other laminate options that can withstand harsh weather conditions Read More