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How Many Driving Lessons Should You Take?

Without passing your driving test, you cannot obtain your driver’s license. Before this test, you may start wondering whether or not you need to go through private lessons with an approved driving instructor. You may also get worried about the number of hours of supervised driving you have to show in your logbook before taking the final test. The truth is that the number of driving lessons Perth, should go through will depend on your strengths and weaknesses.

So, the number will vary from one person to the other. Go through this blog to learn how many driving lessons an individual requires to learn to drive and the requirements to obtain your license in the state you reside.

How many driving lessons should you take before your PDA?

In Australia, attending a Perth driving school is not mandatory for obtaining a license. In these schools, you will find experienced and qualified driving instructors who know the new learners’ exact requirements to pass the practical exam. However, most driving experts recommend exploring different options so that you can learn a few lessons to improve your driving skills before the final functional driving assessment (PDA).

  • In specific states, if you learn driving lessons from an accredited instructor, it may give some extra advantage on your logbook hours. For example, learning for only one hour may count as three hours of regular supervised driving. This benefit is known as ‘3-to-1’ logbook hours.
  • For a beginner learner, the average number of hours required for a driving test is 7 to 10. A driver with much less confidence may need a maximum of 20 hours of learning to become a good driver. For new drivers learning with a friend or a family member, 5 to 7 hours can be enough to be equipped with the required skills. One thing to note here is that while learning driving, it is essential to focus on learning the skills better, not faster.

For references, you may search on the internet by typing ‘driving lessons near me’ and explore the options.

Logbook requirements in different Australian states

While applying for a probationary driver’s license, also called ‘P plates’, you will be required to submit a logbook. In the logbook, hours of driving practice are recorded, demonstrating that you have taken sufficient time to sharpen your skills and become an efficient driver.

  • If you want a learner’s license, in the beginning, you have to book an online computer-based test. In this case, you have to complete the application form and attend a hazard perception and an eyesight test.
  • For a new driver, the minimum number of hours needed to be recorded in the logbook and the requirements vary from state to state.


  • 100 hours of supervised driving lessons, which include 10 hours of driving in the night
  • A minimum age limit of 17 years
  • Every hour with an approved instructor counts for three hours.


  • For drivers below 21 years of age, a record of at least 120 hours of supervised driving practice, including 10 hours of night driving

New South Wales

  • A 12-month learner’s permit
  • 120-hour supervised driving practice, including 20-hour night driving (for drivers below 25)


  • A 12-month learner’s permit (for drivers over 25 years of age, a 6-month permit is allowed)
  • 75-hour supervised driving practice, including 15 hours of night driving

South Australia

  • A learner’s permit of at least 12 months (6 months for drivers above 25 years of age)
  • The supervised driving practice of 75 hours with 15 hours of night driving

Western Australia

  • A Supervised driving experience of a minimum of six months
  • A record of 25-hour driving experience in different road conditions, including freeway

Northern Territory

  • A Supervised driving experience of at least 120 hours
  • A 6-month learner’s license

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

  • A minimum age limit of 17 years
  • A learner’s permit of six months

You can obtain your probationary license in two methods. If you want to acquire it through Competency-Based Training, you have to use an accredited driving instructor and a logbook. It can also be obtained through a practical test.

Take your driving lessons until you feel confident enough

You will get your driving license only after you pass your PDA, and therefore, it will be essential to do well in your test. For that reason, it is always recommended to take your final driving test when your level of confidence behind the wheel is maximum.

However, new learners may find it challenging to gain that self-confidence and feel comfortable. Here is where working with a professional driving instructor can come in handy.

You can earn enough knowledge about safe driving and traffic rules when taking lessons from an experienced instructor. So, if you think you will need more instruction after having a minimum of 10 hours of driving experience, it will be better to book more lessons.

For booking, you may type ‘manual driving lessons near me’ on your browser’s search bar and select the most suitable option.

When should you sit for PDA?.

Sit for PDA when your instructor gives the approval

Instructors handle lots of learners, and thus, they are the perfect persons to know your potential. You can consider taking the final driving test if your instructor approves.

Improve specific areas after attending mock tests

A mock test will help you know your strengths and weaknesses, thus improving certain areas to do better in your final test.

Get used to different road conditions

If you think you can handle road changes and scenery changes, taking the PDA will not be a bad idea.

Overcome the fear of failing the test

Go for the final driving test only when you feel confident enough.

Final words

In addition to manual driving lessons, you can also book an automatic driving lesson Perth, depending on your requirements. Though it is relatively easier to learn, here also you should give maximum attention to do better.