How to record WhatsApp call on your smartphone?

Whatsapp is the most popular and preferable messaging app that is use by millions of peoples that comes with text messages, voice, video call features that help a large number of people interacts in the same time. With the extensive demand of using the social messaging application all around the society make easy for us to fulfill the social distance. In the advancement of society and excessive in social media are the need to move with the new technologies. It is one of the most common social record WhatsApp call that help us to share and communicate from every corner of the earth with anyone. During this period, several peoples use WhatsApp some for professional or for personal concerns.

What is WhatsApp call recording?

Whatsapp is the most common social messaging application among people and the most useable app within personal cell phone devices. TheOneSpy WhatsApp call recording app empowers the user to know all calls even the incoming or outgoing or all conversations from the voice or video call with the contact name or full communication with the name or call history details.

It enables to track the call history with detail also make sure the incoming or outgoing calls with the name and listen to the call from both sides easily. It makes sure all conversations from both sides without any disturbance and technical issues.

Why WhatsApp call recording is needed?

All of us know WhatsApp is the most needed or required social messaging application because time has changed and moved toward high technology and instant connection with people all around the society. But some pointed issue of kid’s online safety toward the dangerous effects of social media and excessive use of digital devices.

There are plenty of issues that need to know why call recording is ethically needed for the safety of children.

Sending inappropriate content

While using cell phones and other digital devices they access social media for several concerns to connect the other people with each other’s but when kids use their devices and social messenger’s (WhatsApp) they mostly share media files with their friends but sometimes the files are based on the vulnerable material which is based on kid’s unethical upbringing.

Sharing of media files

It provides a free and instant messaging app that helps us to share all kind of data from any side of the world with a single click of a cell phone but when kids get to approach the mobile and internet they explore some nude photos or videos which is harmful and use WhatsApp to share this all things with friends use record WhatsApp call.

Addiction to social media

Internet and social media have a huge attraction to all of us. But kids don’t know how to manage all information within the different social sites but when kids use most of the time with the social media and spend most of their time with online activities it develops so many problems and dangerous for kids upbringing so parents need to monitor kids all online activities and even record social media activities secretly.

How to record WhatsApp call?

In modern times everyone has their mobile device that considers as a personal useable device. So when kids get access to smart devices they spend most of their time with mobile phones and the internet parents realize this situation or want to control this situation but kids become more aggressive if anyone tries to hold their device so, parents should digitally monitor the all online activities remotely and protect them.

Installation process

Firstly you should visit the official page of TheOneSpy and subscribe to the call recording page of and then you receive an ID password of the specific feature of WhatsApp call recording. After the complete installation of then, you will be able to access the WhatsApp VoIP calls.

Use the WhatsApp VoIP call recording feature

You will be able to get access to all incoming or outgoing calls of WhatsApp within the cell phone of kid’s digital devices. It empowers to listens to all conversations from one side by using WhatsApp VoIP call recording app.


The Whatsapp call recording feature empowers the parents to know all about the kids’ activities and helps to protect them from online dangers.

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