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Know About The Origins of Brazilian Coffee

In today’s day and age, coffee is grown and consumed in nearly all nations on planet earth but no other country on earth produces and consumes coffee on the same level as Brazil. Brazil has been the single largest producer of coffee in the world for over 150 years and in the past couple of years, it overtook USA as the world’s largest consumer of coffee. Brazil has a very diverse coffee industry which offers a wide range of offerings right from commodity coffee to specialty coffee.

Let’s have a look at the history of Brazilian coffee

It is believed that coffee arrived in Brazil somewhere around 1727 and it was brought by a Portuguese Lt. Colonel. In the beginning it was mainly consumed by the European colonists based in brazil but soon coffee from brazil went worldwide as the demand of the same began rising exponentially. The coffee from brazil became so famous that it was being demanded in Europe and United States. As a result, Brazil began exporting its coffee like never before. The demand of coffee from brazil hit peak in 1802 and around 20 years later, Brazil was the largest producer of coffee in the world, accounting for around 30% of all coffee produced on planet earth.

A lot of other factors contributed to Brazil being the coffee hub of the world. Most prominent of the reasons being diseases which paralyzed the coffee industries in Asia and gave Brazil the much-needed chance to globally dominate the exports of coffee. By the 1900’s Brazil accounted for nearly 80% of all coffee grown in the world! Massive by any standards! Brazil’s share in the world’s coffee production output began decreasing a little as other countries ramped up production but it was in no doubt, that Brazil had already become the largest producer of coffee in the world, a ‘feat’ that it has maintained for over 150 years.

How things changed in the early 90’s

By the early 90’s, the coffee industry in Brazil saw a massive change when the country’s government deregulated the coffee industry. What it meant was the farmers of coffee now had all the freedom in the world to experiment all they wanted to do. They also had the freedom to find their own buyers and sell to whoever they wanted. This was particularly very good news for some buyers who had always wanted to buy single origin coffee from Brazil. The deregulation was another shot in the arm for Brazil’s massive coffee industry as it opened the flood gates for innovation. Just a couple of years later, Brazil was the world leader in coffee research and different types of processing techniques were introduced in Brazil’s coffee industry. Over the past couple of years, coffee production might have been ramped up in other countries of the world but Brazil still continues to be a world-leader as it single-handedly accounts for more than 30% of all the coffee production in the world.

Why is coffee from brazil so great after all?

Coffee from brazil is immensely popular around the world and for very valid reasons so. It is mainly because of the diverse geography of Brazil which ensures that there is a lot of diversity in the flavor of coffee that is grown in Brazil. On one side of the spectrum you have Robusta beans with their unpleasant bitterness and on the other side of the spectrum you have Arabica coffee with lot more sweetness. Then there are other varieties of coffee with fruity notes and there are also other varieties of coffee that have some very complex flavors. When it comes to specialty coffee, one can find quite a number of flavor profiles.