Rainbow High – A Doll Line That Inspires Creativity and Celebrates Diversity

Rainbow high

Rainbow high is an animated series, doll line and books that encourage creativity and celebrate diversity. The characters let their true colors shine and work together to prepare for a fashion show.

Computer animation student Sunny Madison is a fan of bright banana yellows. Her set includes two tees, a skirt, gold heels and a puffy jacket.


Rainbow High isn’t your typical high school. Here reading, writing and ‘rithmatic take a backseat to trendy classes emphasizing the art of fashion, music and more. Popular influencer Violet and her perpetually optimistic BFF Sunny are joined by other talented students like sassy singer Amaya Raine and set design maven Bella Park. The girls are forced to rely on their artistic strengths when they face hazing, boy drama and difficult group projects.

The cast of characters is a mix of recognizable stereotypes and original personalities. Ruby’s flamboyance and love of attention are similar to Sailor Moon, while Jade Hunter’s green hair and baggy clothes evoke Billie Eilish. The show also has a few homages to other famous dolls: Amaya’s California Dream shirt references vintage era Barbies, and her name is a nod to Ariel from the Disney film, “The Little Mermaid”.

Despite the fact that all the characters are meant to be equal in terms of talent, some girls are given more screen time than others. While everyone is shown to be talented in their own way, certain characters are more popular and seem to have an easier time navigating the world of high school.

Amaya’s character is one of the most unique. She is clumsy and insecure, but she tries her best to fit in with the rest of the girls. She is a kind and empathetic person who is always ready to help her friends. Despite this, she still feels that she doesn’t belong in the main group, and she is worried about her place at Rainbow High after Bella’s expulsion.

Throughout the series, the friendship between the girls grows closer and deeper, even as they struggle with their personal issues. The girls support each other despite their differences, and they learn from each other as well. The girls also learn that being yourself is more important than trying to impress others. They find that true friendship is more than just being there for each other, and they encourage each other to be their best selves. Despite these positive aspects, some critics have called the show shallow. It focuses too much on popularity and looks, and it may not be appropriate for younger viewers.


Rainbow high isn’t your typical high school. It’s one of the most elite fashion schools in the world, and students focus on fashion, art and music. Students often get involved in controversial school projects and face the usual drama of high school relationships. Despite these challenges, the girls work together to achieve their goals. The show also encourages self-expression and positive body image. It also celebrates diversity and inclusion, and it is the first doll line to feature a character with albinism.

The characters are based on popular influencers and trendsetters from around the globe. The girls express their individual styles through fashion, hair, makeup, and accessories. They also have unique personalities and skills that set them apart from the rest of their peers. Violet Willow is a social media savvy trendsetter with a big heart. She’s the leader of her runway group and a fashion designer. She loves to collaborate with her best friend Sunny Madison and inspire others to follow their dreams.

Jade Hunter is a perky goth who wants a therapy tarantula and wears spiked collars. She specializes in makeup and is good with a hammer, which makes her the perfect set design student. She also has a passion for fashion and is a huge fan of rosy pinks. She’s a true fashionista who has a style that’s all her own.

Other characters include Ruby Anderson, a sartorialist with a heart of gold. She’s a bit of a diva, but she’s always there for her BFF Sunny. She also has a secret love for her manager, Coco. She’s the only member of her runway group to have a male friend, River Kendall.

Lyric Lucas is the lead singer of her band, and she’s a fashionista with long real-eye lashes. She has beautiful, colorful hair that kids can play with and style. The dolls also come with fun, creative accessories to inspire kids’ creativity. They can even use their hair as a fashion accessory to dress up their dolls. The collection is sure to delight young girls and give them a taste of the excitement at Rainbow High.


Rainbow high is an animated series based on the popular fashion dolls from MGA Entertainment. The show is set in a prestigious fine arts school and features students who represent the colors of the rainbow. The colorful characters are meant to inspire girls to follow their dreams and not be afraid of being different. The show also encourages girls to embrace their individuality and celebrate LGBTQ pride.

The first season of Rainbow high premiered in 2020 and was a huge hit. It was followed by a second season that premiered in 2021. Both seasons are available to watch on Netflix. The episodes are short and fun to watch, and the storyline is interesting. The show follows the lives of the students at Rainbow high and their rival school Shadow high.

Some of the episodes feature a lot of drama, while others are more lighthearted. There are also a few controversial episodes, such as one that explores bullying and another that focuses on popularity. Some critics have argued that the show puts too much emphasis on being popular and that it glorifies materialism. Some viewers have complained that the show’s characters are shallow and care too much about how many likes they get on social media.

Despite some criticism, the show is still popular among young girls. It has received numerous awards and nominations, including an Emmy nod for best animated program or series. The show has also been praised for its diversity and inclusivity, as the cast includes a character with albinism. The show has also inspired a line of authentically diverse dolls.

The first episode of the season opens with Violet and Sunny becoming BFFs on their first day at school. They then team up to prepare for the student fashion showcase, but their plans are derailed by a few personal challenges. They are forced to work together to overcome their obstacles and make their dreams come true.

The first episode of the show has already garnered a lot of attention on YouTube and other platforms, and it has even been nominated for an Emmy. The show is full of bright colors, and the animation is stunning. The voice acting is good, and the characters are interesting and diverse. However, there are a few minor problems with the animation, such as eyelashes that go through clothing and body parts that appear to be drawn on top of each other.


Rainbow High is a fun and educational toy line that sparks imagination and creativity. The dolls are available in a variety of styles and colors, and each one has a unique personality and backstory. They also have a range of fashion accessories that allow kids to mix and match their looks. In addition to fostering creativity, Rainbow High dolls can help kids develop social skills by encouraging them to interact with others.

The first series of Rainbow High dolls was released in 2020, and was a spin-off from the toymaker’s Poopsie Slime Surprise line. The dolls have medium body builds and large heads, and are highly articulated and posable. The dolls also have brushable hair and removable clothes. The Rainbow High dolls are manufactured in China, which is a common practice for the doll industry.

There are many positive reviews for the Rainbow High dolls, and they are popular among children and adults alike. The toys have a great attention to detail and are made with high-quality materials. They also come with a number of fashion accessories, including shoes and bags. They are available at a wide range of price points, making them affordable for anyone.

Fans can find Rainbow High dolls at most major retailers, including Walmart and Amazon. They can also find a range of Rainbow High accessories, such as shoes and doll stands. Many Rainbow High dolls also have a special feature that allows them to change color instantly. This feature is ideal for kids who like to dress their dolls in different outfits.

Besides changing the color of their clothes, Rainbow High dolls can also change their skin tone. Some even have freckles and blushing lips. This feature makes the dolls more realistic, and helps them connect with their friends and classmates.

The Rainbow High dolls are also available in a wide variety of hairstyles, and some have different eyes and eye colors as well. Some of the dolls are even able to switch between glasses and contact lenses!

The latest releases in the Rainbow High collection include the Performing Arts students, Krystal Bailey and River Kendall. Each doll comes with two stylish outfits, and their accessories make them perfect for any fashion lover. The dolls are also able to pose for hours, and they have multiple facial expressions that can express their mood.