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The Best Real Estate Agent Advice For Beginners

The real estate business is an exponentially growing sector. With so many agents to choose from, it is hard to pick one. If you are a real estate agent yourself, then the competition is tough. So many agents are on the hunt for clients. It is natural to feel overwhelmed with offers and opportunities as a buyer or a seller. Compatibility with the real estate agent is the key.  

Compatibility implies an agent capable of providing a service best suited only for you. Some of the critical factors to keep in mind when choosing an agent:

  • Best Advocate, Not A Best Friend
  • Availability
  • Knowledge about Local Market
  • Positive References
  • Loyalty for needs and wants
  • Agent’s Focus Area
  • Longevity Rather Than Quantity
  • Knowledge Of The Property Market

Real Estate Agent London

Real estate agencies in London are buzzing with business. There are some of the best real estate agencies in London. These are the notable ones to keep an eye out for:


In the current times, you need someone more than an average real estate agent. It would be best if you had a partner in the property business. Nowadays, there is so much at stake. It requires utmost care and focuses on choosing a property partner. KnightFrank claims to be the world’s largest independent property firm.

They have around 500 offices across 61 territories globally. The main branch operates in the UK. An essential factor is that KnightFrank operates as a partnership as well. This claim is unique as not a lot of significant competitors do it. Their services range from general advice, valuations to on or off marketing weather insight.

McLaren Specter:

McLaren Specter is amongst the best Estate Agents in London and able to access properties and clients across all 7 continents with McLaren Specter International Real Estate’s global team across all 7 continents. 

You will receive private, confidential, and personalized service to meet your personal needs. They help clients achieve their individual business goals in a changing and diverse market by providing real estate market knowledge coupled with a commercial focus.


Nestify is a successful real estate agency in London. They identify themselves as a short-term rental partner in the real estate business. A key element of Nestify is that they provide high rental income with flexible letting

This flexible letting can be sorted as short, mid, and long lets. Nestify covers everything from booking real estate properties to check-out with housekeeping and maintenance.


Lyvly is a cooperative real estate agency situated in London and identifies itself as an agency that makes the renting process easy and workable from start to finish. With their step-by-step service and guidance for the clients, Lyvly has positive reviews. The process of finding a home has been transformed. This phase is done by providing peace of mind and convenience to every step of the rental process.

They provides a 360-degree virtual tour of quality homes. This feature helps a lot in the screening process of the homes. There’s also a screening process for deciding roommates to optimize compatibility. They takes it upon themselves to be responsible for finding you a housemate. The member portal provides ease in this regard. Additionally, the support of an experienced team is provided through a 24/7 hotline available for anything critical.

Prime Central London Properties

Prime Central London is not a specific area. This term refers to the property market of real estate, which functions in Central London. Prime Central London Properties operate under this phenomenon. In recent decades Prime Central London has faced considerable expansion. The expansion has put up challenges for people with a price-conscious mindset. Such people have been pushed further afield from Prime Central London Properties. The local market has faced a significant impact from domestic taxation, which could continue in the future. The Covid Virus lifestyle and impact will enforce changes. The submarkets located in Prime Central London are home to people of different nationalities. There is a considerable downfall of London’s population due to Covid. The post-pandemic recovery is undoubtedly going to bring trend changes in Prime Central London.

‘Lockdown-proofing’ is the crucial element for any potential home buyers and clients. If there is access to nearby parks and green space, especially balconies or gardens, then the property priority will increase. High-rise flats in London have faced a downfall in demand due to safety concerns. The Covid Virus Pandemic may leave Prime Central London with many vacant offices and retail properties. Moreover, recent developments have made it tougher to give a concrete definition of Prime Central London and its pricing. Do the properties in Prime Central London have a long-lasting attractiveness? Only time will tell.