Three Important Factors To Take Into Account – Softwall Cleanrooms

Thus the moment you are designing a softwall cleanroom, you need to ensure that the design is very much progressive. Opting for modular type (in the case of softwall cleanroom) is essential. In the later stages, it is easy to expand the softwall type. You may have to make the right selection of the design and construction material that is easy to expand and integrate.

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Three most important factors or elements to consider – Softwall cleanrooms

Important design elements

As far as design is concerned, the cleanroom has to be more accessible for everyone. Thus having a very contemporary design is essential. The design selected should be flexible and easy to expand.

Regulated environment – The internal work environment of the cleanroom has to be regulated. This means that the pressure and temperature conditions indoors should be consistent. This is made possible by selecting the right grade construction material. it is important to provide a more secure design.

Easy to alter – The clean room should also offer with best add-on features. The panel design selection is important. It should be an integrated type. The room should have a design that is easy to relocate. This offers users a lot of flexibility.

Panel size – Making a selection of the right panel size is also important. The panels should not be too small or big. It should be appropriate. The panels should be efficient to withstand high-pressure conditions as well. Wall panels can be eight feet in height.

Recirculation design – The panels can be fit in such a pattern that recirculation of airflow is possible indoors. This is important so humidity and temperature can be well maintained.

Important construction elements

Right construction material selection is important the room can have ideal wall and ceiling material. The wall and ceiling material should always be quick clean type. This makes it easy to maintain the cleanroom in top condition. You must make use of the polystyrene material as well. Installations can be small in size.

Ceiling and wall systems –Both ceiling and wall systems can be highly integrated type. T-Grid system is just ideal for use in the ceiling. Diffuses can easily be installed. The system can also include other factors like connectors, hardware, and suspensions. The wall and ceiling materials may need the right level of support via the use of suspensions. The structure has to be a lot more sturdy.

Panels and grids – These are two essential elements that you have to consider during the construction stage. The panels and grids should easily accommodate the fan and light fixtures. Users can best make use of the lamplight systems. The light systems must be more efficient. Retention should always be possible.

Filters and ventilations – Any cleanroom should have a very efficient vent and filter system. The air indoors has to be filtered and cleaned consistently. This is why an efficient filtering unit is to be installed. In most cases, FFU units are more efficient. You need to select one that is of standard configuration.

Opting for standard applications

Cleanrooms may make use of different types of applications and accessories. It is important to determine that the air indoors is clean and particle-free. You have to focus on your requirements. You will have to select the ideal table and accessories material.

The production process has to be fully automated. This will reduce human interaction inside the cleanroom. This will also help in reducing the mixing of the particles inside the room.

Each of the accessories that have been selected should be certified and tested for use in the lab conditions. You may have to hire the best team of engineers to help you make the right selections and design. You may have to focus on determining the exact specifications of each accessory that is selected.

You have to make a selection based on the manufacturing process inside the cleanroom. Pre-engineered and modular designs are always the best solution for any cleanroom. You can try and make a selection of quotes from three or more manufacturers.

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