Agency Boost -Top 5 Automated Tools of 2024

Due to the abundance of inbound and outbound strategies, platforms, channels, procedures, and information accessible, marketing automation may help you with the heavy lifting, fill in skill gaps, and give you a way to concentrate on high-level innovation, planning, and engagement. For example, a digital marketing agency boost in India created and employed numerous tools for its expansion.

How Do You Pick the Best Marketing Automation Tool? 

There are several options when choosing the finest marketing automation technology. You prefer a more specialized marketing automation platform for SMBs and B2C businesses. 

Demo and Simple User Interface: The platform’s user interface governs your interactions and use of the software. Therefore, the user interface should have a slight learning curve and be easy to grasp. 

Find out whether a demo is available. Additionally, you can find marketing automation agency boost programs that provide a 14-day or more extended free trial. 

In your demo or free trial, look for simple, logical navigation and notifications that describe a feature or function when you hover over particular fields.

Software Cost: Another crucial consideration is the platform’s price, which is something to keep in mind. Some marketing automation platforms offer bargains that, at first appearance, seem too good to be true. However, there are frequently concealed expenditures that crop up later. 

Depending on how many emails you send or connections you make, you might be charged by some tools. Some businesses also charge for customer service. Additionally, after a few months of subscription, the fees might change. 

Customer Service: Another crucial factor is the customer support provided by the service provider. Despite being extraordinarily user-friendly and regarded as stable, some of the top marketing automation platforms occasionally experience issues, conflicts, or discrepancies. 

In truth, skepticism can surface when utilizing any software for the first.

Top Five Business Tools for Marketing Automation of Agency Boost

Users can choose from various marketing automation agency boost solutions that are helpful for Digital marketing agencies in India. In addition, you can select any of the tools listed below for marketing automation of your workflows, depending on the variables above!

Marketing Automation via HubSpot:

The marketing automation capabilities of HubSpot are among the most feature-rich solutions at the top of our list. In addition, a few of the digital marketing companies in Gurgaon also rank highly in terms of customer satisfaction, according to the G2 Grid for marketing automation. 

Of course, HubSpot offers a complete growth suite comprising support, sales, and marketing applications that all work in unison with HubSpot’s CRM. Many creative automation opportunities are available when your data and expanding activity are in one location. If you used different platforms, it would be easier to experiment with new opportunities.

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Get Response: 

A marketing automation of agency boost solution with several capabilities and layers is Get Response. Its cost-effective email marketing plan includes the mentioned size of 1,000 contacts, primary autoresponders, and templates. 

The more expensive Get Response plans include powerful features like drip marketing, contact scoring, event-based automation, eCommerce tracking, and others.

Active Campaign:

Active Campaign combines email marketing, task automation, and small business CRM. Active Campaign’s strongest suit is its versatile and powerful marketing automation features. It is one of the complete alternatives that are accessible. Additionally, it has one of the best delivery scores on the market, and there is massive growth in digital marketing agency boost in India

It isn’t the most excellent tool of agency boost for those with technical expertise or marketing automation experience. Learning the platform takes more time and effort, but it’s pretty robust once you do.

Engagement with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Accounts:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, formerly known as Pardot, is a cloud automation service that primarily serves enterprise clients with the time and financial means to get to know the platform. 

To assure the success of your campaigns, digital marketing companies in Gurgaon provide a tonne of features that automate engagement with current contacts, such as lead nurturing, CRM connection, email marketing, and ROI reporting functionality.


Popular email marketing automation of agency boost software called Moosend also features SaaS and eCommerce. The correct email messages are sent to segmented users due to advanced website tracking. 

You can make codeless landing pages with Moosend that represent your brand and look polished. Consequently, attract more customers and give them a memorable experience. It integrates with eCommerce and CRM platforms, enables the creation of email forms.


Marketing is the lifeblood of every B2B and B2C (or prospect) connection; it is a reality. However, the situation becomes completely out of control regarding holiday shopping. Maintaining a 1:1 relationship with each client and visitor as a business expands is challenging. Marketing automation of agency boost is a technology that empowers marketers to complete routine tasks without handling them personally. There are marketing automation tools that can meet your needs without any charges being pushed back due to human error.