Trump Re-Tweeted Catturd on Twitter

“Catturd” has become the most popular Twitter handle on the site. It has also spread to many other sites, including a podcast called Patriots in Tune. The hashtag started trending because of its support for baseless claims of election fraud. And as of October 14, it has over one million followers. Its followers have started to use the handle to voice their opinions on important issues, such as the economy. Here are some of the things to know about catturd twitter.

The main purpose of the account is to spread misinformation about voter fraud and voter suppression. He has a bio that describes him as an impeach 46 turd and writes parody novels. The president once appeared on the same podcast with his fellow partisan, Congresswoman Betty Greene. In fact, Greene went on the show to gush about the satirical accounts. However, this did not stop the rumors.

Despite being a popular Twitter account, Catturd is also making waves. The account tries to spread misinformation about election fraud and aims to influence the public. Besides publishing misleading and inflammatory posts, it is also creating viral buzz by sharing a number of satirical videos. It is worth noting that the main character of catturd twitter is a white cat wearing glasses. His bio resembles that of Chemistry, an earlier image macro series.

Although the account is anonymous, it is not a fake. The president of the United States has re-tweeted the account three times on Monday. This has created a storm of controversy over the political system and how the media portrays it. Trump has repeatedly disregarded the results of the election and relied on unreliable sources and the views of a cartoon character. The far-right has also exploited the popularity of social media accounts to spread their propaganda.

Similarly, Fox News has also become a boogie man for the far-right. It has been accused of bias and liberal bias ever since the network’s reported that Joe Biden won the 2020 election. In another tweet, the president re-tweeted the account, which he described as a “liberal-ish” account. In addition to this, the account is also known as “Catturd”.

The Twitter account was created by an activist, who is in search of the truth. She tweeted, “We the people will fight back.” Then she re-tweeted a tweet from a Russian state-controlled outlet. She then re-tweeted the tweet, “Catturd has a lot of credibility and is a good source of news on Twitter.” And it’s not just the president who’s on the catturd twitter train.

The account was not alone. Many conservative media outlets and conservative figures jumped on the hashtag campaign, which was made by a Russian state-controlled media outlet. In addition, conservative figures and media outlets rushed to the site to spread their views. The Twitter account has over one million followers. Ultimately, it’s up to Twitter users to decide what to believe. If you’re an American, you should consider the consequences of spreading misinformation about the Pope.