How many types of SEO are there?

SEO is all time famous process in social media. People are using this process for running their businesses successfully. The reason is, this is a completely free process where you can the audience organically. And organic results are the main part of this process. In this article, we will explain how it is important and how you can use it for yourself. As well as we will explain how many types of SEO services are available. And how you can use them in your favor. There is a lot more to learn in this article.

On-page SEO:

First, try the most important part of SEO. The on-page SEO is where you write your content and images and video. Where you put some keywords for that user is a search on Google. You make headlines, titles, and descriptions. And this process you do for your every page. This means you have an on-page SEO process you write a title and description for every single page. And make sure that you are putting your targeted keywords on your content, title, description, and headline. And this is the whole purpose of on-page SEO to fix the keywords in the right positions.

Technical SEO:

This is another one of the very important tasks you have to fulfill in SEO services. Here you have to deal with some technical issues. You have to maintain your page load speed. You have to reduce the sizes of the images in your blog. And at the same time, you have to deal with the servers as well. There is a lot of technical stuff you have to fix or deal with. Sometimes your server might create some problems for you then at that time you can take the help of your developer. However, if you can solve your technical SEO issue then there is no need to go with the developer.

Off-page SEO

After doing the on-page and resolving the technical issues you should go to the backlinks or off-page issues.  

This is a process where you create backlinks mainly. And with effective backlinks, you can grow your website’s search engine ranking. Here you make social media profiling, and create backlinks through article submissions, forum submissions, and guest posting for creating the backlinks. There are two types of backlinks do-follow and no-follow backlinks. Do-follow backlinks where google will crawl your website as well after crawling someone’s site where your link is available. And in the process of no-follow backlinks, your google crawler never redirects to your site after finding your link on someone’s site.


So these are some basic types of SEO. if you want to do a better SEO for your site then you should follow all the tips and after using these methods your website will get a better ranking on the search engines. SEO provides the best results for many businesses. And if you want any digital marketing services then you can visit our website. We will provide you with the best services regarding digital marketing.