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Understanding the Etiquettes and Rules Surrounding Coin Force Challenge Coins

The coin force challenge coins have a very rich history dating back to World War I. Back then they might have been used minimally but in today’s day and age they are used extensively. The coin force challenge coins as a concept took during the Vietnam War and they continue to be immensely popular in today’s day and age. While it is very true that coin force challenge coins are mostly associated with different branches and departments within the military, it is not surprising to see other organizations occasionally give them out. 

Coin force challenge coins make for great collectors items and are also embedded in rich history

For people who aren’t in the military or don’t have any family member in the forces and don’t have any ancestors who might have served in fabled wars, the coin force challenge coins might come across to them as nothing more than a fancy collectible item. While it is very true that coin force challenge coins make for great collector’s items, it is also true that they are shrouded in very rich history. These coins indicate membership and there are several rules that govern the etiquette surrounding coin force challenge coins. Many owners of these games often play games by throwing down a challenge with coin force challenge coins. 

Let’s have a look at the etiquette surrounding coin force challenge coins

It might not appear to outsiders but most people who have ever been awarded with coin force challenge coins will agree that it is actually quite an honor to receive them. This is perhaps the reason why it is so important to know the etiquette surrounding such coins and to respect the rules always. Using coin force challenge coins in the manner that they are supposed to be used means that you are actually contributing to time-testing traditions. Read on further to know 12 of the most important rules that you must comply with if you intend to play the challenge coin game in the truest essence. 

RULE 1 :- All the rules surrounding the game must be explained clearly to people who are being handed out the coin force challenge coins.

RULE 2 :- All recipients of coin force challenge coins must carry the coins with them at all times because challenges can be called at any time of the day or night, regardless of the location. People can only take 4 steps to reach their coin force challenge coins.

RULE 3 :- The person throwing down the challenge also known as the challenger must make it very clearly if the challenge pertains to one drink or for a round of drinks. 

RULE 4 :- If the person who has been challenge, fails to produce the coin force challenge coins, then it is imperative on him to honor the challenge by buying a drink for the challenger or a round of drinks as was previously agreed between the two parties. The rules state that all recipients of coin force challenge coins can only be challenged once. 

RULE 5 :- If everyone in attendance that has been challenged to produce coin force challenge coins fails to do so, then it becomes the duty of the challenger to buy the drinks so ‘potential challengers’ really need to think of the time and place when they throw down such challenges 

RULE 6 :- People should never hand over coin force challenge coins in response to the challenge. The coin can be placed on the table and people can obviously examine it for its authenticity but that’s just it. The coin must be returned to its original location after being inspected and coin force challenge coins must not change hands during or after the challenge, no matter what happens.

RULE 7 :- If you end up losing you coin force challenge coins then you must get them replaced as soon as you possibly can. Just because you have lost your coin force challenge coins doesn’t mean that you are absolved from the responsibility from following the different rules of the game.

RULE 8 :- There are NO exceptions to this rule. Read it again. There are ZERO exceptions to this rule. The rules will apply even if you aren’t wearing any clothes, so always be ready because a challenge can come from anywhere and at anytime. Always remember that you just have four steps to get close to the coin.

RULE 9 :-  Treat your coin force challenge coins like the challenge coins that they are. Don’t treat them like belt buckles or worse bracelets or necklaces. That was not what they were designed to be used or meant to be used so don’t demean by them by using for purposes that are simply beneath the point of their existence and purpose. The only exceptions are coins that need to be carried in a pouch around the neck.

RULE 10:- You must be in the possession of the coin force challenge coins and you must control them at all times. The coin force challenge coins indicate honor and are steeped in rich history and you shouldn’t just pass it on to just about anyone.

RULE  11 :- No matter what happens, you must never drill any holes in your coin force challenge coins.

RULE 12 :- All of these rules apply to anyone who has been deemed worthy to be given coin force challenge coins, anyone who knows how to own such coins and also anyone who has bought these coins instead of being gifted or presented the same.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day light, it is crystal clear that coin force challenge coins are actually something to be honored and they need to be treated as much.