What to gift for Rakhi when your sister is newly married? Look for some ideas here!

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival that celebrates the duty that exists between a brother and sister. Over the years, it has gained popularity among other communities too, and now it is one of the most beloved festivals for all of us. The name “Raksha Bandhan” itself signifies in Sanskrit that it is about the knot of some protection. Indeed, when a sister ties a Rakhi on her brother’s wrist she prays for his protection and good life. The brother in return showers his sister with gifts and well wishes. This year, the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on 22nd August.

With the gaining of popularity, Rakhi is not limited to just siblings, it has extended to brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law too. No matter whose wrist you are tying the Rakhi to, it symbolizes the love and affection of a sibling. Indeed, there is no bond more special and unique than the one that exists between a brother and sister. Now, there is no need to hurdle through offline stores and keep browsing for Rakhi gifts for sisters anymore. Customers can just choose to visit an online Rakhi store which would have a tempting range for gift collections. Oyegifts.com is one such option.

What are some gift ideas for a sister who got hitched?

Marriage is a big change for women. And, if your sister got recently married, the choice of a Rakhi gift for her should reflect that occasion. You should get her something that would be of use to her, and perhaps something that would add value to her new home. You can do this from all around the world, as online Rakhi stores accept deliveries from any country and make sure that the Rakhi gift is delivered securely to even the remotest locations.

Here are some tips for choosing a Rakhi gift for a recently married sister-


She just had a wonderful wedding, where she looked like a diva in her bride getup. But we are sure that she would appreciate new accessories for her collection. Most women feel special when they receive jewellery as a gift and this is your chance to show your sister how much she means to you.

Get her some awesome looking jewellery set, whether it is pearls or diamonds. A pair of gold plated drop earrings might make her day!

Photo frames

She just moved into her new home, and she might get lonely sometimes. After all, it takes time to get used to a new home. In this situation, she might find comfort in old family photographs, and you might invest in a nice photo frame for her this Rakhi. Family is the root of an individual, it is a well-known fact. So this Rakhi, you can look for some unique family tree designs or picture frames that would make your sister happy.


There are a lot of interesting options in this regard. The stores are flooded with unique designs for couple watches, and you can choose an affordable one among them. There are a lot of things to consider when buying a watch, such as THE strap colour, the strap material, the colour of the dial and the functions associated with the device. Pick out the one which would suit your sister’s needs. There are many wedding edition watches to look through too.


Perfumes have a wide range of prices, ranging from thousands to a couple of hundred bucks. You can easily browse through a good online Rakhi gift store and choose the brand which your sister normally uses. Get her a unique fragrance that provides a special significance for her. There are many floral scents to explore.

Scented candles

These might be a great idea for Rakhi gifts, that you can easily get online. Scented candles come in all varieties, make sure you get a combo box with many options for a gift. The presentations of the candles are also interesting, some come with a glass casing that looks amazing. Some candles come with a pot with a lid. Tealight sets come with a pack of 100 or so, you can opt for those too.


This might be a bold choice for a Rakhi gift for your sister, but gifting her a cute puppy might make her happy. If your sister is a dog person, you can adopt a couple of Rottweiler puppies for her this Raksha Bandhan. Or you can go for Labradors retrievers too. However, puppies and other pets mean a lot of responsibilities too. You have to take them out to exercise regularly and get then annual health check-ups. So perhaps consulting with your sister before might be a safe option.

Decide on some unique Rakhi gifts for sister this Raksha Bandhan and put a smile on her face!