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Why is my Instagram not getting views

Why is my Instagram not getting views?

Getting a lot of views on your Instagram pictures, videos and stories can be tricky when you have not been exposed before. Some may wonder why their content is not getting the number of views they expect. Others might have been exposed in certain markets but in this article, we will show you how to get a lot more exposure in a short time that will naturally lead to a good volume of views.

If you want to install views try googling “Buy Instagram Views“. This would be great if you want to boost your business or brand online.

Here are some tips to get a lot more Instagram views:

-Using hashtags correctly

You have probably been told that you need the use of hashtags on your posts but did you know how to use them? Using the right hashtags for your content is very important so there should be no room for error.

-Create a great bio

The first thing your viewers will see when they click on your profile is your bio so it should be up to standard.   Fill in everything that you think people need to know about you. Remember that the human brain can only process about 60 bits of information at a time so try to keep them short and crisp.

-Upload only quality pictures and videos

Instagram is a visual platform so you need to make sure that your content looks good when someone visits your page. This could be determined by the number of likes and views that the posts get, but it would be better if you can add some visual appeal to them. Always post high-quality pictures and videos to increase your chances of getting more views.

-Use popular hashtags on your posts

It is not enough that you use the popular hashtags, you should use them on all your posts, this way just like mentioned above people would look at more than one post of yours. The good news is that there are plenty of websites that have a list of the most popular hashtags to use.

-Buy views

Buying views is one of the fastest ways to get some early traction on your posts, this would help you climb up on the search page so it would be easier for people looking for content like yours to find you easily. It would definitely be helpful if you buy views and likes together. You can buy Instagram views on sites like

-Tag your friends

One easy way of getting more exposure is to tag your friends that are popular in the post, this would give you a little opportunity to have them share or comment on the post just by tagging them. This could be through email or social media.

-Use the right hashtags on your posts

Using the wrong hashtags can be detrimental to you and your business so it would do you well to use only the popular ones. This will give you a good chance of getting some likes and new followers on Instagram who would probably be interested in what you have to offer.

-Sponsor posts

If you are not afraid to shell out some cash then this would be a good option for you, what you need to do is look for the biggest pages in your niche and sponsor their posts. This would help get more exposure in a short time so it would also be helpful if you buy Instagram views on sites like

-Be active on Instagram

Posting regularly is a great way to get more exposure and this would be easier if you are actively using the app, this would also give people who visit your profile a better chance of seeing your posts so they could follow you. Using hashtags can help increase your engagement and get more likes and comments.

-Participate in chats and groups

This is a great way to interact with people who share the same interests as you, it would also be a chance for you to get noticed by other Instagram users. You can participate in chats and groups on different sites

-Engage with other users

This would be like a back and forth game where you post something, sometimes with the use of the right hashtags they will like your posts too.