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Tom Kenny

Why is Spongebob Squarepants So Hot?

Have you heard of or are you familiar with Tom Kenny? Perhaps you have only seen his work on TV. Many people who have little or no knowledge of animation may not know him at all. But, if you enjoy cartoons, especially ones that are of a humorous nature, you should give some serious consideration to giving him a try.

Voices of SpongeBob Square Pants

Animation voice actor Tom Kenny has been known for providing the voices of SpongeBob Square Pants, the Ice King, the Mayor, Heffer the Cow, and many other characters for numerous animated television shows, video games, and movies. If you happen to know anything about animation in particular, or know anyone who does, then you have probably heard of some of the great voices that Tom Kenny has provided for television programs such as Adventure Time, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and The Fairly Odd Parents. As an example, you may have seen your favorite childhood cartoon character, like Bugs Bunny, named after Tom Kenny.

Before we move on, let’s discuss how exactly Spongebob Squarepants became so popular. In the most basic terms, Spongebob (voiced by Tom Kenny) is an innocent sponge living in the sea with his friends Patrick, Squigward, and the whole crew. He adventures with them in order to help them find the perfect treasure which, in this case, is a goldfish. When he goes missing, Squidward steps up to a job of a lifetime: to find out what has happened to his best friend. Along the way, he meets new sea animals like the crab, starfish, and octopus along the way as well as more strange sea creatures like the jellyfish, a kind of jellyfish that spongebob refers to as his best pal. This is just the basics of the plot for a Spongebob animated series.

Animated Series

One reason why I feel this is an example of a good Spongebob animated series is because of the way voiceover artists have been able to relate to and empathize with their characters. It’s almost like they step inside the characters’ heads. For example, when we hear Squigward’s voice, he sounds like a guy who is just like every other squig who wears a shirt and shorts. However, as he finds himself in the shoes of Patrick, he begins to sound like a guy who is shy around girls, afraid of his own shadow, and generally just mischievous. It makes him sound more like an every day person than some secret agent.

Similar is the way that the creative director at Nickelodeon has been able to relate to the audience through the Spongebob voice. When he is creating Spongebob Squarepants, he is actually creating three unique characters that will go toe to toe with any Spongebob Squarepants episodes that may come after. These unique characters are the same exact characters that we’ve come to know as Patrick, Sandy, and SpongeBob. The creative director took great pains to ensure that we will recognize all three as our favorite Squarepants characters.

But beyond this, it seems as though the director takes his job even further by crafting story lines and humor that are relevant to the various characters. Take the same concept that Spongebob is always saving the day for and turn it into a battle between the good guys and the bad guys. Instead of having Squidward and Patrick saving the day, they’re now fighting the evil forces that are trying to take over the world.

This same principle also applies to various other animated characters. I’m not talking about famous actors but rather DC comics characters. A common misconception is that DC has their own version of the Powerpuff Girl or Super Hero. That’s simply untrue.

Some would argue that Spongebob Squarepants is more relevant because it is targeted towards younger viewers. But comparing apples to oranges isn’t really that far fetched. For example, the French narrator in the English version of Spongebob Squarepants can be compared to the narrator in the French version of L.A. Nights. So maybe, just maybe, spongebob squarepants has more staying power than super heroes.

Who Is Tom Kenny?

Tom Kenny is an American actor/comedian. He is most well known for playing the comic role of SpongeBob Squarepants in the television series, The SpongeBob Square Pants TV show, and several movies. In 2021, he became a guest star in the blockbuster movie Top Five. Prior to that, he had a supporting role in the sitcom The New Adventures of Housefull of Dogs. He has since gone on to star in several more comedy films including Dazed and Confused, and The Cable Guy. Most recently, he went into voice acting work for the animated films Finding Nemo and Finding Home.

A large portion of the character’s dialogue is provided by the narrator. The words bubble is provided by the narrator through the English language. The words bubble has been provided through the English language through the use of a machine called the “nosekicker”. The machine, a high-pitched electronic signal, is pushed by the spongebob Squarepants through the water of the sea. The words bubble is provided by the narrator through the mouthpiece that is worn by the character.

Tim Stubborn

The voice director for the Spongebob Squarepants series of movies, Tim Stubborn, worked very closely with the director, Thomas Kenny, to ensure that both of them were on the same page as far as the tone of the voice over the character of spongebob Squarepants. Stubborn also worked very closely with the director, hiring other voice actors to help out with the performance. Two voice actors that were hired for the Spongebob Squarepants voice roles were voicemail artist, Kevin McCallister, and the world famous voice actor, Tom Kenny.

Another famous British character is the Doctor Octopus. Doc is portrayed by the late Michael Caine. In the first appearance of the Doctor Octopus, he was played by none other than the man who was so popular in the Harry Potter movies, Terry Gilliam. When it was time for the character to make a true live-action appearance in the Star Wars films, he was voiced by none other than Stanley Myers.

The most notable among the numerous characters portrayed in the series are the three heads of Doctor Octopus. They are portrayed by the late George Peppard, who played the role of Doc in the first two Star Wars films. It was also revealed at one point that there will be a four-headed doctor octopus in the upcoming Star Wars movie. In the television show, the character of Doc is played by Stephen Merchant. He plays the part of a surgeon who operates on various characters throughout the series.

Pirate Captain Hook

One of the more notorious villains introduced into the series is the pirate Captain Hook. He first made his debut in the original Peter Pan film. He was played by former NBA star, John Paxson. He later went on to star in the TV series, Bracknell Live, as well as the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Crystal Skull. A notable character portrayed by John Bon Jovi in the Bracknell Live show is Hook’s mate, Betty. Both these characters were to gain notoriety throughout the world from the infamous Captain Hook.

Another member of the gang, who is notable for his cold demeanor, is the Ice King. Although he was only seen in the very beginning of the series until the very end, the role of the Ice King eventually became his character in the live-action television series. Another character that was to become famous in the adventure time series was Shrek, who was to be played by the late Michael Caine.


There were those, particularly children who didn’t watch the series, which would have enjoyed the more comedic aspects of the characters. In particular, they simply adored the way Tom Kenny, John Bon Jovi, and the rest of the characters spoke. That is why the character of Shrek was so popular among children. It was their way of getting to know the real Shrek, as opposed to reading about or hearing about him from other sources. Indeed, a lot of children and teenagers still are fans of the Shrek franchise. To this day, Shrek, the Donkey, Pterodactyl, Princess Fiona, Donkey, and Lord Farquaad are among the top video characters in the popular Adventure Time series.